Our Kickstarter Page is now up!

We finally have a VARMiNT Kickstarter page for raising additional funds up and running!!!

The Story

VARMiNT is live-action short film that would be best classified as a dark comedy, some might say morbid, but we think those people are just being negative.

VARMiNT follows a filthy and scarred feral child, who survives by scavenging food from farms.  The only things he’s got to his name are a pair of tighty-whitey underpants worn backwards and a baby blanket (which scarcely resembles a blanket anymore in its condition).  After being hunted like an animal by two not particularly domesticated farm boys, the VARMiNT escapes to a family’s farm where he becomes enamored with driving a tractor and all of the troubles, which follow.

We hope that you can support our short film that we’re making!  Check out our fundraising video we made for VARMiNT at our Kickstarter page ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1632656389/varmint-a-short-film ) and thanks for your valuable time!

– the VARMiNT Team


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