Vivian Ho Pledge | Opossum!!!!

Vivian Ho, you warm the cockles of our little little little heart!  With your contribution to VARMiNT, our short film we’re making, we’re closer to reaching our goal not only on Kickstarter, but our personal goal of “kicking the crap out of this movie” and realizing our dreams.

And, without further adou, I hand the keyboard off to the VARMiNT again….”Sook durka meek zooga zook dreerp hook, moooga booga! (the VARMiNT thanks you and he can’t wait to act in the biggest thing that’s happened to him since he found the Baby Ruth in the dumpster last week.)”

You can help too by visiting our VARMiNT page on Kickstarter and donate anything that you can.  ANYTHING helps.  “Moooga Boooga!”


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