Christine & Gareth Kantner Pledge | SKUNK Status!

Christine & Gareth Kantner, we here in VARMiNT Country want to thank you with the power invested in us, for your generous contribution & pledge of SKUNK to VARMiNT!  As Pepe le Pew yearned for his basic needs with Penelope Pussycat, so do we in going after our goal!  The VARMiNT is now hijacking my keyboard to say some more “words.”  “Durak durka doo sook reemmdo weeeee ooooouuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiii ooooouuuuuiiiiiii, Christine & Gareth, broodge surp! (the VARMiNT cannot sleep at night thinking about his upcoming film debut!  It reminds him of the first time he went dumpster diving on a warm day and tasted a Cadbury Egg for the first time!  It was delicious!  Thank you!)”

•  You can help too by visiting our VARMiNT page on Kickstarter and donate anything that you can.


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