VIDEO: Sonoma Location Scout & Pledges!

Randy, Chris and I just got back from Sonoma visiting Scribe Winery, (the location for VARMiNT) shooting the entire movie to be edited before we start principle photography next month for use as storyboards for VARMiNT!  Check out the video on location -LINK HERE!!!


In addition, we have a talented actor currently attached to play the part of the father, “JERRY.” He just starred in Mike Mills’ new film “Beginners,” alongside Ewan McGregor, Mélanie Laurent & Christopher Plummer. In addition, an amazing casting director is now helping us out. She’s done MANY MANY big films that are perfectly geared towards the type of talent we’re looking for, for VARMiNT. More details on the actor and casting director coming soon!

We also would love to thank the Lavorato family as well as Melissa Nugent for their generous support & contributions to the film!  The VARMiNT says “Durka screp wooooo (Big Thank You!!!)”


Christine & Gareth Kantner Pledge | SKUNK Status!

Christine & Gareth Kantner, we here in VARMiNT Country want to thank you with the power invested in us, for your generous contribution & pledge of SKUNK to VARMiNT!  As Pepe le Pew yearned for his basic needs with Penelope Pussycat, so do we in going after our goal!  The VARMiNT is now hijacking my keyboard to say some more “words.”  “Durak durka doo sook reemmdo weeeee ooooouuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiii ooooouuuuuiiiiiii, Christine & Gareth, broodge surp! (the VARMiNT cannot sleep at night thinking about his upcoming film debut!  It reminds him of the first time he went dumpster diving on a warm day and tasted a Cadbury Egg for the first time!  It was delicious!  Thank you!)”

•  You can help too by visiting our VARMiNT page on Kickstarter and donate anything that you can.

Tiffany Bartok Pledge | RAT Status!!!

Tiffany Bartok, we can’t thank YOU enough & welcome YOU to being our newest pledge member, a well earned status of RAT!!!!  Sure, people may “shriek” at the site of a cute little rat, BUT honestly, a squirrel is basically the same thing, but with a thicker/furrier tail!  Oh, and don’t forget about the pigeon (“rats with wings”)!

With your contribution to our film VARMiNT, the VARMiNT will realize HIS dreams of standing around for hours ONLY to REALLY live on camera, FOREVER!  The VARMiNT is pushing me aside now to type a few, yet powerful words.  “Tiffany, durka trog nooxie dooooooooiiieee oooowwww yyyyeeeoooowwwwzzzaaaa!!!! (Tiffany, you’re awesome!  You make my dreams come true.  It reminds me of the time when I found this box of chocolate milk sitting on the sidewalk on a warm hot day…I couldn’t get enough of it, & oh how refreshing it was!  Thank you!)”

You can help too by visiting our VARMiNT page on Kickstarter and donate anything that you can.  ANYTHING helps.  ”Moooga Boooga!”

Vivian Ho Pledge | Opossum!!!!

Vivian Ho, you warm the cockles of our little little little heart!  With your contribution to VARMiNT, our short film we’re making, we’re closer to reaching our goal not only on Kickstarter, but our personal goal of “kicking the crap out of this movie” and realizing our dreams.

And, without further adou, I hand the keyboard off to the VARMiNT again….”Sook durka meek zooga zook dreerp hook, moooga booga! (the VARMiNT thanks you and he can’t wait to act in the biggest thing that’s happened to him since he found the Baby Ruth in the dumpster last week.)”

You can help too by visiting our VARMiNT page on Kickstarter and donate anything that you can.  ANYTHING helps.  “Moooga Boooga!”

Anthony Carrigan Pledge | OPOSSUM!

Anthony Carrigan, with the bottom of our dirty little VARMiNT heart, I’d like to thank you for your generous contribution to dumpster diving and scrounging for food as a more-than-qualified and regal OPOSSUM!!! Big thank you and the VARMiNT wants to say more words: “Oook sooky durka durka lrkw ooowwww rarr rarr sks Murga Durk! (thank you from me, the VARMiNT)!!!”

Thank you for your Pledge to VARMiNT!

Here is where WE take the time to THANK those who are supporting us and the film, VARMiNT.  And with that, I’d like to hand the keyboard over to the Varmint, he would like to say a couple of words.  “Oog glk drka ooowwwww skook hurggl vskrsc, Barry O Donnell, Daniel Wedick, Kiki Benet wksiii Nate & Courtney White, ook sook durka meeeek surp Lurka Dukka! (I’d like to thank you for your generous first donations to VARMiNT!  Barry & Daniel for pledging at SKUNK status, Kiki for Opossum and Nate & Courtney White for your generous pledge of Prarie Dog.  I wouldn’t be here today without your support!!!!  Durka meek surp Thank You!)”

Our Kickstarter Page is now up!

We finally have a VARMiNT Kickstarter page for raising additional funds up and running!!!

The Story

VARMiNT is live-action short film that would be best classified as a dark comedy, some might say morbid, but we think those people are just being negative.

VARMiNT follows a filthy and scarred feral child, who survives by scavenging food from farms.  The only things he’s got to his name are a pair of tighty-whitey underpants worn backwards and a baby blanket (which scarcely resembles a blanket anymore in its condition).  After being hunted like an animal by two not particularly domesticated farm boys, the VARMiNT escapes to a family’s farm where he becomes enamored with driving a tractor and all of the troubles, which follow.

We hope that you can support our short film that we’re making!  Check out our fundraising video we made for VARMiNT at our Kickstarter page ( ) and thanks for your valuable time!

– the VARMiNT Team