Thank you for your Pledge to VARMiNT!

Here is where WE take the time to THANK those who are supporting us and the film, VARMiNT.  And with that, I’d like to hand the keyboard over to the Varmint, he would like to say a couple of words.  “Oog glk drka ooowwwww skook hurggl vskrsc, Barry O Donnell, Daniel Wedick, Kiki Benet wksiii Nate & Courtney White, ook sook durka meeeek surp Lurka Dukka! (I’d like to thank you for your generous first donations to VARMiNT!  Barry & Daniel for pledging at SKUNK status, Kiki for Opossum and Nate & Courtney White for your generous pledge of Prarie Dog.  I wouldn’t be here today without your support!!!!  Durka meek surp Thank You!)”