Tiffany Bartok Pledge | RAT Status!!!

Tiffany Bartok, we can’t thank YOU enough & welcome YOU to being our newest pledge member, a well earned status of RAT!!!!  Sure, people may “shriek” at the site of a cute little rat, BUT honestly, a squirrel is basically the same thing, but with a thicker/furrier tail!  Oh, and don’t forget about the pigeon (“rats with wings”)!

With your contribution to our film VARMiNT, the VARMiNT will realize HIS dreams of standing around for hours ONLY to REALLY live on camera, FOREVER!  The VARMiNT is pushing me aside now to type a few, yet powerful words.  “Tiffany, durka trog nooxie dooooooooiiieee oooowwww yyyyeeeoooowwwwzzzaaaa!!!! (Tiffany, you’re awesome!  You make my dreams come true.  It reminds me of the time when I found this box of chocolate milk sitting on the sidewalk on a warm hot day…I couldn’t get enough of it, & oh how refreshing it was!  Thank you!)”

You can help too by visiting our VARMiNT page on Kickstarter and donate anything that you can.  ANYTHING helps.  ”Moooga Boooga!”